Thursday, October 16, 2014

That awkward moment...

When you feel compelled to defend yourself as a serious writer, even though you write romances (but they have WORTHY!!! themes and none of that erotic trash), while simultaneously denigrating people who write erotic romances and erotica, and you don't realize how hypocritical you're being. The person who did this made me want to snort with amusement. The irony.

My view is if your writing entertains someone, it's as valid as anyone else's. My personal preference is I would rather read a well-crafted romance, erom, or erotica than one of the bastions of literature, such as Hemingway. (Have you read "The Old Man and The Sea"? He takes a long boat ride, catches a fish, loses fish to other fish, and that's about it. The End) For me, there is more value in a smutty (I mean that in a good way) romance novel by Marysol James than John Steinbeck. That doesn't mean I don't think the great writers were great. They worked hard, I'm sure, and some people love them. I'm just not their target.

So, authors, don't get so defensive, regardless of your genre. The people who want to read you will find you. The people who aren't your demographic will steer clear. They might mock you too, but develop a thick skin. You're going to need it in the publishing biz.

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  1. Hi Kit,

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out!! And I find this blog post interesting, on a very personal level. I have actually published 'real' and 'serious' books of contemporary literature, which have received rave reviews from 'real and 'serious' editors. But guess what? THEY DON'T SELL. And I want to make a living as a writer.

    So, what's a girl to do? Well, in my case, I started writing romance. I did so with the feeling that I was 'selling out' and 'demeaning' my writing talent. But now - a mere 4 months after publishing my first book, and a total of 9 books later - I realise just how snobbish and short-sighted I was.

    I LOVE writing romance novels! I LOVE that I can bring in 'real' and 'serious' themes (such as domestic violence, child abuse, date rape drugging incidents, etc.) and then have my damaged characters learn how to love and trust again... and yes, part of that is learning to love sex and enjoying sex.

    So your post was a lovely reminder to me of how I used to regard my romance writing, and how far I've come since. I plan to write the last book in my 'real' and 'serious' trilogy over the next 4 months or so - but I will only be able to do so because I am selling enough romance books for it to be possible. I am grateful to my readers, to my husband, to my kids... and I am loving every second of this new life.

    Take care, Kit... have a good Friday!