Monday, October 27, 2014

New Cover "All Grown Up"

"All Grown Up" has a new cover. It turns out, Amazon doesn't like a tiny hint of buttocks. Even a peek will get you an "Adult" tag, which basically makes your book disappear from the general search. After realizing AGU had been tagged, it was time for a new cover. It should appear on the Amazon product page in a few days, but here is the unveiling:

Blake feels coerced to take out his best friend’s sister while she’s in town. He remembers her as a chubby, awkward teenager with a crush on him. When Erin shows up at his door, he’s blown away. She’s all grown up now and a lush, curvy beauty. He’s never gone for Rubenesque women before, but he wants her desperately. To his consternation, Erin doesn’t seem to like him at all. He needs to figure out if he’s too bad-boy for the good girl, or if her apparent dislike hides something else—like a mutual desire she’s fighting to control, due to her own self-esteem issues and a refusal to be another one of Blake’s conquests.
(Don't forget you can read this title for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership.)

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